3D molded products and components have become more prevalent than ever. Around the world, manufacturers rely on these parts for their day-to-day operations. If you own a company and you are in need of custom 3D molded parts, International Mold and Production, LLC or IMAP is ready to help.


IMAP is more than just a plastic injection molder. Our customers come to us with an idea, a sketch, or a prototype looking for complete product development services. We make everything else easy.  Our Engineers can talk to you about everything from your Non-Disclosure agreement, to the patent process. You can get help with plastic injection molding design assistance and design for manufacturing, so you are not overcharged. We don’t take take advantage of you because you are learning the plastic product development process, we train you and charge you a fair and accurate price. We have over 17 years in product development experience, first getting in to 3D printing in 1998, injection mold building in 2003, and plastic injection molding in the USA in 2015.

We encounter many customers who have a great plastic prototype, or they are ready to launch they product assembly on Kickstarter or Shark Tank, however they have no idea what steps to take after that. If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place. We are with you every step of the way and make sure that you make the right decisions from the beginning so that you don’t blow your budget on some bad advice.

Once your plastic product is developed and marketed, we can assist with plastic injection molding production. We don’t just offer you local options, but rather we have a Global Supply chain of plastic mold builders and molding partners, to give you the best possible outcome for production tooling and products, including assembly and packaging.

Not educated on global logistics? We also work with you on air and sea freight terminology and walk you through every step of the way.

Sound to good to be true? We have references, a list of very satisfied customers in a multitude of industries, who are small start  ups and large corporations.

You can work with that monster company up north, or get personalized small company service from one of the industries best, at a significantly lower price.

The strength of our business relies on our relationships. Our injection molds are built to worldwide specifications. We have a 17 year relationship with our partner, and many satisfied customers. Our tooling is built to run in the same MUD bases at the tool shop and the molding factory. We offer unparalleled speed, cost, and quality. You can go to the big guys in Minnesota but why pay big guy prices?

Plastic Injection Molding Custom Part Services


IMAP can handle your plastic injection molding project. We own equipment from 128-160 clamp tons. We do low volume, high volume, and prototype molding in the USA and high volume production molding.  Our 1800 Square foot facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin is here to service your aftermarket, prototype, or low volume production runs.

Simple to Complex Parts:

  • Undercuts

  • Internal / External Threads

  • Inserts

  • Overmolding