IMAP Supports STEM at Kenosha Boys & Girls Club!

Just when they thought the gift-giving season was over, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders in Kenosha will have another present coming to them.

Their very own space to play, study, chill and create will be unwrapped at an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony at 4:30 p.m. Monday at the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha, 1330 52nd St.

The new Tween Center, an interactive space dedicated for youth in grades 4-6, features a lounge library and technology space, game zone and a study hall/art studio.

Club CEO Jake McGhee said the growing membership and a need to provide pre-teens with their own unique quarters inspired the new center that had once been rented out to the community for meetings, activities and celebrations.

The space, however, was seldom used for that purpose and then was repurposed as memberships exploded over last two years, he said.

From the 2015-16 school year to the 2017-18 school year, the average daily attendance in the Troha Youth Center increased from 67 to 184 members per day, according to the club’s data.

“We just started to see so many kids coming through the doors. A couple of years ago we had 50 or 60 youth coming to the club,” he said.

“We grew so fast in two years — from 50 kids to sometimes 180 — and we just didn’t have space. A huge reason why we grew in attendance numbers was because Kenosha County helped fund our busing initiative.”

McGhee said having the new center will allow the club to improve the quality of its programs.

“We have the teen center upstairs, and we feel that this will be a good transition (for tweens),” he said. “I’m excited about it. It’s always kind of fun to go from something that’s just an idea to see it become a reality.”

The new Tween Center can accommodate about 60 kids, McGhee said. And the space is exclusively for tweens.

“So, the bigger kids technically aren’t allowed in here and the little kids aren’t either,” he said. “This will be their space.”

The space

The walls of the new center, which were once brightly colored, now have neutral hues, while the matte-finish primary colors af the fixtures and furnishings bring the space to life.

The library/tech space features about two dozen laptops stored in a special high-tech charging station provided by Spectrum, along with tablets. International Mold and Production LLC has also donated a 3-D printer.

The game area contains two TVs for gaming along with a pool table, fooseball and ping pong, among other games.

There also will be a quiet area for homework and creating art; one wall features a series of clips so artwork can be displayed or allowed to dry.

McGhee said he’s confident the space will be ready for use on Monday, which coincides with Kenosha Unified’s first day back from winter break.

Corporate partners

The space and furnishings were designed by IKEA and sponsored by Haribo, the German gummy candy maker which broke ground in Pleasant Prairie this summer. IKEA also furnished and designed the club’s teen center.

The furnishing are IKEA’s most durable, McGhee said, some of which can be found in the Oak Creek store’s entry area and cafeteria.

Wes Saber, chief financial officer of Haribo of America, said the company believes “every child deserves an education and a safe space to learn and have fun.”

“We’re so proud to help build the Tween Center and support the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha in their mission to inspire young people to reach their full potential,” Saber said in a statement.

IMAP Founder featured in MD&Di Magazine

Leonard Koren has been 3D printing for 20 years, and he’s seen a lot of progress over time. Future progress in manufacturing will depend upon more than just technology—a new mindset is needed, Koren believes.

Koren started his first 3D printing company in 1998 with a Stratasys FDM 2000, and in 2003 he founded International Mold and Production LLC to provide injection molding and 3D printing/additive manufacturing services. IMAP has been producing consumer goods and automotive parts for years, and the company recently exhibited at MD&M Minneapolis 2018 to introduce its capabilities to the medical device industry.

“There’s no question that there have already been great accomplishments in medical—casts, bio scaffolding, and even dental,” he shared with MD+DI. “I would like to propose something different. Now that we all have inventory management systems like SAP and Oracle, we are all under fire in those monthly meetings to reduce our inventory. What if our inventory was simply print on demand?

“We don’t need a warehouse of stuff anymore,” he added. “This applies across all industries, including medical.”

Koren believes manufacturers are in a good position to make the transition to print-on-demand products. “The good news is that we have almost everything we need now,” he said. “Machines are available, and the right materials are available. And from an innovation standpoint, adoption rates of 3D printing are skyrocketing right now like we’ve never seen. But how do we do something really innovative with this technology that matters?”

A new mindset is needed, one that includes “the ability to see what tomorrow will be like and how we will operate there,” he said.

For instance, Koren describes an environment in which companies launch volume production product while concurrently developing their service print-on-demand product so they can both go through validation testing at the same time.

“We spend a little more upfront, but we don’t carry that inventory burden on the books in those monthly meetings,” he explained. “We carry some raw materials like powdered plastic and powdered steel, which are shipped in on time and transformed magically within a few days.”

Koren said “we need the mindset to figure out what the tool shop of tomorrow is going to look. Will there even be one?” he mused. “Think of what we can do with a metal 3D printer, or several, operated by only one or two guys. The tool shop of tomorrow is going to evolve into a finishing and fitting shop.”

IMAP continues to invest in the latest technology “to keep costs down to compete on price,” he added. “Our business is founded on innovation, whether it’s our 3D-printed molds, our zero-tooling production cell, or our low-energy-usage molding machine running mold bases with quick-turn inserts.” The company works to replace low-volume molding with additive manufacturing using its 9 3D printers.

For traditional injection molding, it is running three new energy-efficient servo hydraulic presses that help keep operating costs “extremely competitive.” In addition to using 3D-printed plastic injection molds, it employs 3D-printed components for such molds (conformal cooling, sprue cooling, 3D inserts) and robotic sprue pickers.

Case Study: Evinrude Spare Replacement Part

A customer had a broken obsolete replacement part. It was for a 1971 Evinrude four stroke outboard. IMAP was able to reproduce the design in cad data. Next, 3D print a suitable replacement out of PLA. While this may be a one off project, IMAP has the capabilities to review your companies spares or replacement service parts, and develop a plan to print spares on demand, so that you don’t waste money stacking it up on the warehouse shelf. The best time for this is during the development phase, when the aftermarket part can be designed and tested along with the OEM production part.

Press Release

International Mold and Production LLC (IMAP) has purchased a two-shot plastic injection molding machine with a planned installation in September 2018. “This highly accurate servo-hydraulic machine uses extremely low energy and that will give us a good competitive advantage. Our current grip and guide wheel over mold project customers will be better served by this machine which will provide high quality dual durometer parts for sporting goods, industrial, and automotive markets. In addition we hope to be able to be able to supply FOXCONN with dual color hand held electronic components. ” According to Len Koren, IMAP President and Founder. IMAP is coming up on a year since the transition from Illinois to Wisconsin, and will be celebrating with a Grand Opening in mid October when it will have three molding machines on display.

Two-shot plastic injection molding is a process that combines two different types of materials in one process, or two different colors into the same part. For example if you needed a very stiff grip, for a water-ski line, a gun, or a dog leash, but still wanted to have a soft touch outer material, then this is the right process for making those parts. Another example is a toothbrush, which may have two colors in one brush. There are many other applications in medical and automotive markets as well.

Aftermarket Fiero Project

This is a very exciting project for us and I can’t wait to show you the final project. For now, here is a sneak peak at the injection mold development we are doing. Make sure you are following us on our other platforms to keep updated! If you want to start reverse engineering your classic car part email us at


Classic Car Lens

IMAP has produced a Fiero GT aftermarket taillight lens cover, using a better than new design, we completed tooling in 5 weeks and our customer has already taken orders from around the world. We are currently working with the customer to obtain Department of Transportation approval. We expect to be in production in another 1-2 months.

IMAP is a plastic injection molder and tooling company with molding in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Shenzhen China. email for your quote.

IMAP New Location

IMAP has entered into an agreement with National Material Transport to lease space in their facility for a plastic injection molding location while they are planning and building the new Headquarters in Kenosha/Racine area. IMAP is grateful for the space provided by Terry Atwater Jr. and NMT.

International Mold and Production LLC is a custom plastic injection molding company and plastic injection mold builder, who also provides 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, laser scanning, and plastic product development in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois areas.

Reference for Enjen

Plastic Injection Molder President Len Koren says, “For anyone interested in working with an advocate in government incentives, I highly recommend ENJEN, you will be satisfied with the results! You will gain business contacts and connections required to grow your business!” ENJEN provided media contacts, financing contacts, and real estate options. In addition ENJEN was able set up meetings with government officials of various economic development agencies. The results of these meeting were economic incentive offers. Governments understand that it takes a significant competitive offer to attract and retain companies in this economic environment. ENJEN worked with areas that were strong in plastic injection molding tier 1 suppliers to automotive and recreational vehicle producers, as well as other products. IMAP was able to review the various offers and make the best decision for the new Plastic Injection Molding world headquarters, and although some of the offers were not acted upon, they can be tabled for future investments in those regions. The process took approximately 6 months and resulted in incentive offers from Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Mexico. In addition to obtaining these offers, Jennifer Kraus was instrumental in arranging and organizing meetings and travel to locations for reviewing real estate offerings and meeting with potential partners. of working with ENJEN

Kaba-Kenosha Area Business Alliance

IMAP, a custom plastic injection molder, is a member of KABA, January 5th we welcomed Heather Wessling Grosz from KABA for a tour of our facility!

KABA has been a great resource in helping IMAP integrate into the Kenosha region. KABA helps with potential business partners, financing for gaps in deals, and networking events in the local area. IMAP is grateful for the help and assistance of all the KABA members!

International Mold and Production LLC is a custom plastic injection molding company and plastic injection mold builder, who also provides 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, laser scanning, and plastic product development in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois areas.

Announcement From Governer Scott Walker

MADISON – Governor Scott Walker today announced that International Mold and Production (IMAP), a leading supplier of custom plastic injection molds and parts, is relocating its operations from Illinois to Kenosha, and plans to create 25 jobs at its new headquarters.

“Congratulations to IMAP on its decision to relocate to our great state,” said Governor Walker. “I am looking forward to seeing the company continue to grow here because of our strong business climate and outstanding workforce. Small companies like IMAP are the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy because they create family sustaining jobs. It’s imperative that we continue to provide them with the support they need to compete in the global marketplace. IMAP received incentive offers from Indiana, Michigan and even Mexico, but made the right choice by selecting Wisconsin because of our state’s growing economy and the possibility of working with Foxconn.”

Len Koren, who founded the company in 2003, said part of the reason the business is relocating to southeastern Wisconsin is to take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented by the Foxconn Technology Group, which will build a $10 billion advanced manufacturing campus in nearby Racine County.

“IMAP has experienced growth recently with customers such as the Drone Racing League, as seen on ESPN; GOAT Pet Products, as seen on Shark Tank; and several other consumer product companies,” Koren said. “We eventually hope to supply Foxconn as well as tier-one automotive companies after we receive ISO certification.”

The company, which plans to invest $1.5 million in the Kenosha facility, has already started relocating some of its operations there. In addition to making Kenosha the company’s new headquarters, IMAP hopes to move some of its contracted manufacturing work from China to Wisconsin.

Originally started as a consulting business, IMAP’s capabilities expanded to include the addition of a manufacturing division in 2016 that serves the automotive, consumer products and medical industries. IMAP combines its expertise in 3D printing and plastic injection molding to produce 3D printed plastic injection molds, which save time and allow for fast iterations of the product.

To secure the company’s investment in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has awarded IMAP with up to $110,000 in state income tax credits over the next three years. The actual number of credits the company receives is contingent upon the number of jobs created.

“We appreciate this award from Governor Walker and WEDC as we have made a commitment to invest in the Kenosha area and be a part of the state’s continued job growth,” Koren said.

As part of today’s announcement, IMAP said it plans to hire staff in sales and marketing and engineering, as well as computer numerical control (CNC) machine and molding press operators. Interested individuals can apply for those positions at

Economic development officials from southeastern Wisconsin praised the company’s decision to relocate to the state.

“We are thrilled International Mold and Production has chosen the M7 region as the location to launch the next chapter of the company’s history,” said Logan Dawson, director of the Milwaukee 7. “The manufacturing assets in this region will provide a strong foundation for IMAP to continue to realize their exciting growth opportunities and potential.”

“The Kenosha Area Business Alliance is pleased to welcome IMAP to Kenosha County,” said Heather Wessling, vice president of economic development for KABA. “This forward-thinking company that hopes to be a growing part of the supply chain for diverse industries operating in Wisconsin is the type of company Kenosha County is excited to welcome to the community and support going forward.”

International Mold and Production LLC is a custom plastic injection molding company and plastic injection mold builder, who also provides 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, laser scanning, and plastic product development in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, illinois areas.

What Are 3D Printed Injection Molds?

Injection molding is the process of making a plastic part by injection of plastic resin into a mold. Traditional molds are cut from Steel, however, our new technology allows us to 3D print molds in days using composite or steel materials.

Watch this video to learn more about 3D Printed plastic injection molds:

Put your fears aside, we can support your product development locally with prototype molds, composite molds, design and rapid prototype, then outsource your production mold to a cost competitive country where labor rates are dramatically lower. We will handle the details of your project, timing updates, shipping, duty, tryouts, taxes, and export documents. You write the Purchase order to an American based company!

Contact us today for any questions or find out how we can benefit your company.

International Mold and Production LLC is a custom plastic injection molding company and plastic injection mold builder, who also provides 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, laser scanning, and plastic product development in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois areas.