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Leonard Koren, President & CEO

Leonard Koren, President & CEO

Using your idea, sketch, 3D cad data, or sample we can scan, we begin your project by designing a cad model in software that can be used for rapid prototypes, tooling, and quoting.


We use our equipment to make your initial prototype for design validation, using various methods, like sla 3d printing, FDM 3d printing, 3D printed injection molds, and or short run tooling using pre made mud mold bases.

Low Volume Production

with our ZERO TOOLING work cell we can make low volume production of your item from 1-500 pieces in our 10 machine additive manufacturing work cell.

Injection Molds

For higher production quantity from 500-1 million we build steel production molds.

Injection Molding

We can make about a 1000 of anything everyday using plastic injection molding. We have three machines running two shifts 6 days a week to meet your needs.

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IMAP can help you with material selection. We run a variety of materials from high performance engineering resins to lower cost resins. We routinely run Glass filled Poly-Amide up to 40% glass filled. In addition we run HDPE, PP, PE, ABS, ABS+PC, and TPE.

We can help you select the best combination of two shot materials which will join by chemical bond to give you a high quality part.

Another service we offer is custom color match. If you give us a common color sample such as Pantone Matching System or PMS we can match your color to the resin exactly. We have existing agreements with Chroma/Carolina Color, and offshore color providers as well.


We can help you with tooling materials selection. We are experienced in H-13, P-20, S-7 and Aluminum. We also use MUD molds or Master Unit Dies to keep tooling costs low for low volume runs.

We make a variety of multi-cavity low volume and prototype molds in addition to higher volume production molds built to run thousands of shots.

Molding and Two Shot Molding

We have a new 160 ton rotary platen two shot machine, for dual durometer and dual color parts.

Our Plastic Injection molding experience covers over 30 years of experience. We are the experts at finding the right machine settings to get the molding outcome you are looking for. Our machines are new since 2015 and highly repeatable. We mold with SPC tools although we rarely find any deviation in our process due to machine operation.

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

With over 20 years in the 3D printing business we are the go to source for information on 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. We can build a custom solution for your design utilizing 3D printing for additive manufacturing and service parts. Why store parts in the warehouse when you can build on demand, using our 10 printer zero tooling work cell.