Press Release

International Mold and Production LLC (IMAP) has purchased a two-shot plastic injection molding machine with a planned installation in September 2018. “This highly accurate servo-hydraulic machine uses extremely low energy and that will give us a good competitive advantage. Our current grip and guide wheel over mold project customers will be better served by this machine which will provide high quality dual durometer parts for sporting goods, industrial, and automotive markets. In addition we hope to be able to be able to supply FOXCONN with dual color hand held electronic components. ” According to Len Koren, IMAP President and Founder. IMAP is coming up on a year since the transition from Illinois to Wisconsin, and will be celebrating with a Grand Opening in mid October when it will have three molding machines on display.

Two-shot plastic injection molding is a process that combines two different types of materials in one process, or two different colors into the same part. For example if you needed a very stiff grip, for a water-ski line, a gun, or a dog leash, but still wanted to have a soft touch outer material, then this is the right process for making those parts. Another example is a toothbrush, which may have two colors in one brush. There are many other applications in medical and automotive markets as well.