Reference for Enjen

Plastic Injection Molder President Len Koren says, “For anyone interested in working with an advocate in government incentives, I highly recommend ENJEN, you will be satisfied with the results! You will gain business contacts and connections required to grow your business!” ENJEN provided media contacts, financing contacts, and real estate options. In addition ENJEN was able set up meetings with government officials of various economic development agencies. The results of these meeting were economic incentive offers. Governments understand that it takes a significant competitive offer to attract and retain companies in this economic environment. ENJEN worked with areas that were strong in plastic injection molding tier 1 suppliers to automotive and recreational vehicle producers, as well as other products. IMAP was able to review the various offers and make the best decision for the new Plastic Injection Molding world headquarters, and although some of the offers were not acted upon, they can be tabled for future investments in those regions. The process took approximately 6 months and resulted in incentive offers from Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Mexico. In addition to obtaining these offers, Jennifer Kraus was instrumental in arranging and organizing meetings and travel to locations for reviewing real estate offerings and meeting with potential partners. of working with ENJEN